Our mission is To bring the change to our society, living standards, and our way of thinking.

Core Devs’s vision is to become the globally leading company in various categories that could impact and improve human life.
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Unleashing Technological Magic: A Journey of Passion, Dedication, and Impact.

We are a passionate group of individuals who find joy in dreaming and coding. Technology, to us, is akin to magic—a realm where computers serve as our enchanting wands and the programs we craft act as spells.

When the perfect combination is achieved, a burst of magic unfolds. Endless optimism permeates our beliefs, pushing us to surpass our previous selves each day.

Our unwavering dedication fuels our pursuit of positive change, not just within ourselves but also in the lives of others.

Amidst our remarkable journey, we remain grounded, never forgetting our humble beginnings. Thus, we stand firmly against anything immoral, regardless of its allure. Presently, our focus lies in the realm of coding, but our aspirations stretch far beyond. Soon, we will expand our horizons, seeking to make a profound impact on other aspects of human life and society, consistently striving to create a meaningful difference.



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We’re proud to say our clients connected with us from all around the world.

Core values of Core Devs

Core Devs is driven by a set of core values that guide our actions and define who we are. Endless Optimism fuels our relentless pursuit of possibilities beyond today's achievable, as we strive for tomorrow's solutions. We hold ourselves to the Highest Standards, constantly seeking better ways of doing things and embracing continuous learning and growth. Customer Focus is at the heart of everything we do, prioritizing significant impact and resolving customer issues promptly.

We Connect as a diverse, equal, and inclusive team, celebrating each other's successes, fostering open and transparent communication, and enjoying our collective journey. Finally, our Moral Compass never wavers, as we stand firmly against unethical practices in all circumstances. These core values embody our commitment to optimism, excellence, customer satisfaction, a supportive culture, and unwavering ethics.

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Endless Optimism

We make things possible beyond today's achievable. We strive for tomorrow. We are relentless in searching for the correct answers.

Customer Focus

We always focus on the most significant impact and end result over any volume of activity. We take ownership when we see any customer in trouble,we make sure it gets resolved. We ensure our decisions are taken with our customers in focus.

Highest Standards

We are constantly seeking better ways of doing things and challenging ourselves to learn and grow. We are never complete.

Moral Compass

We never forget our roots. We stand against all sorts of unethical, in human, and harmful practice sunder all circumstances and situations.


We are diverse, equal, and inclusive. We start by assuming the best. We are direct and transparent. We grow, celebrate, and have fun together.

Meet Our Change-makers: The Dedicated Team Behind Our Mission for Positive Impact.

Mahbub Shuvo

Founder & CEO

Faojia Fariha

Managing Director

Kh. Mahbub-Ul-Alam


Shahria Emon

Chief Operating Officer

Rafsan Billah

Functional Manager

Sumon Hossain

Administrative Services Manager

Sabbir Rahman


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Mahbub Shuvo

CEO at Core Devs ltd